The Pampered Patient Story
Making Cancer Livable

The Pampered Patient is a passionate response to what founder Tricia Harding encountered while her Mom, Irene, battled Ovarian Cancer and her husband, Dalton, took on Esophageal Cancer.As a caregiver for them both, Tricia gained intimate knowledge of the particular concerns of both cancer patients and their caregivers.She also discovered just how challenging and overwhelming it can be to try to meet those needs.

“Early on in my husband's illness, the doctor had given us a list of four or five things we should have before beginning treatment. I took our six-month-old son, Iain, on what I thought would be a simple shopping trip. We drove to six different locations and covered over 200 miles before I had found everything.By the time we got home, my son was screaming, my husband was anxious, and I was overwhelmed. That was the first time I thought, ’Surely, there is a better way.’”

The Pampered Patient hopes to ease the burden that patients, caregivers, and concerned friends feel when someone is diagnosed with cancer.Most people, including patients, don't realize that there are a host of practical items that can actually help make cancer and its effects more livable. At, anyone with a desire to help can locate products and gifts designed for cancer patients and caregivers.Visitors can connect with over 100 specific cancer websites for information, read personal accounts of others facing similar battles, and find practical tools to help manage the day to day needs of living with cancer.By working with local oncologists, The Pampered Patient aspires to offer the most useful selection of products for an array of cancers.

Cancer invades your entire life - not just your physical body.Irene and Dalton lost their battles to this insidious disease.However, by offering help through The Pampered Patient, Tricia and Iain hope their experiences can be a blessing to those who are still battling by helping make cancer livable in every way.If you have any suggestions as to how The Pampered Patient can be improved to help others, please don’t hesitate to contact us at