Creating a Blog

Keeping a blog of the cancer experience can serve many purposes. For some, it's a great way to keep family and friend up to date on what's happening. Others find it therapeutic to record their thoughts and feeling in a sort of online journal. There are several different blog sites that will let you create and host a blog free of charge. Here are some that we personally recommend:

  • Caring Bridge - This is a sited geared particularly to patients and caregivers. Caring Bridge partners with numerous hospital as well to help make the process simple and very user friendly.
  • Blogger - Blogger is a very easy way to get started in blogging. You can choose from their premade templates to customize your blog, and the interface is very intuitive
  • Wordpress - Like Blogger, Wordpress is very accesible, but it also features some more advanced capabilities that experienced Bloggers or technogeeks might appreciate.