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Are you shopping for someone else?

In our shop section we want to answer the question: What can I do to help? It is a frustrating question we all ask ourselves when someone we know is diagnosed with cancer. And while every patientís experience is unique, we at The Pampered Patient have put a lot of time and experience into answering that question. Allow us to direct you to our products and ideas.

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Are you shopping for yourself?

Feel free to explore the links to the left for products that can help make life a little easier. We carry a wide range of items designed to alleviate some of the discomforts that can accompany cancer and its treatments. Additionally, we have a large selection of both informative and inspirational books as well as items that entertain and comfort. Once you find these things, we suggest you create a registry. Then, link the registry to your blog/website/homepage or email it to your friends and help your friends and family help you! They will love the opportunity to know what you really want and need. Remember, people want to help but they often donít know how.

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