Cancer Gifts, Care Packages and Healing Baskets
Unique Gifts for Cancer Patient's Unique Circumstances

Gifts for cancer patients are tricky. Cancer gifts should be thoughtful, practical, and inspirational. Sending a cancer patient a gift from The Pampered Patient is one of the most beneficial things you can do for a cancer patient or caregiver.

The best cancer gifts are helpful cancer gifts. We package gifts for cancer patients that are helpful, inspirational, and beautiful. Helpful cancer gifts address cancer patients' unique needs like combatting the side effects from chemotherapy and radiation. Our care packages for cancer patients meet those needs. Pampered patient sends gifts for cancer patients that inspire hope and help alleviate the side effects of treatment. Products like Queasy Pops, RAD-X, Biotene mouthwash and Lindi Skin are specially formulated for a cancer patient's sensitive skin and stomach. The resources, products, and gifts at The Pampered Patient are geared toward the specific needs of cancer patients and caregivers. We have been through it ourselves. We've discovered ways to manage treatment side effects, reduce misery and get practical advice. Spend some time on our site to discover what we've learned, to recommend your own discoveries, or just to tell us your story. No one should have to face cancer alone. Now, no one has to.